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OmniPage Profesional 17

With 99%+ character accuracy, one-click conversion to Microsoft Office, and universal compatibility with any scanner, OmniPage Professional 17 is the OCR and scanning solution that does it all —accurately, quickly, and easily. With OmniPage Professional 17, you can radically improve the ways you process, archive, and share paper and digital documents. You can turn documents that would take hours to re-type into perfectly formatted documents in seconds.
This superior accuracy means you save significant time and money by radically improving the ways in which you process, archive, and share paper and digital documents. It’s simple to use, tasks are automated, information is easily accessed, and productivity soars.
Automatically batch convert files. Monitor, recognize, and convert files from incoming e-mail. Access scanned files from anywhere in your organization. Archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint. No competing solution offers the functionality and performance of OmniPage.
Powerful Advantages:
  • Convert high volumes of paper and digital documents into digital files
  • Edit, search, and share in the format of your choice.
  • Highlight /redact sensitive words/phrases.
  • Monitor, recognize, and convert files from incoming e-mail attachments.
  • Access scanned files from anywhere in your organization
  • Archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint.
Accuracy is the most important feature in OCR because it translates directly into time savings. PC Magazine's independent tests confirmed that OmniPage is the most accurate OCR solution. Now, it’s easier than ever for to re-use content from existing documents. A 27% increase in accuracy translates directly into fewer word errors and less editing. With accuracy levels up to 50% greater than most alternatives, you’ll spend dramatically less time converting documents. Since electronic archiving and retrieval depends heavily on OCR accuracy, accurate conversions mean more accurate document retrieval. OmniPage’s increased accuracy also helps reduce the time required for proofreading.
The most accurate conversion in over 120 languages: OmniPage delivers unprecedented accuracy at a level greater than 99% for over 120 different languages.
Financial, legal, and medical recognition: Recognition dictionaries for financial, legal, and medical specialties ensure the most accurate conversion of important industry-specific terms.
De-Speckle: OmniPage helps reduce background noise, enabling better conversions of colored, shaded and previously unrecognizable documents with less human intervention.
Breakthrough PDF Conversion: OmniPage Professional 17 helps you easily repurpose information trapped in PDF files by instantly converting them into editable word processing and spreadsheet documents - complete with layout, text, graphics, and tables. Our PDF Overlay Matching technology provides greater accuracy than competing solutions.
  • Word accuracy
  • Improved character attributes/font matching
  • 3DC digital camera correction technology
  • Scanner Enhancement Technology (SET™) tools
  • De-speckle/de-skew/auto-rotation
  • Legal/medical/financial dictionaries
  • IntellTrain™ proofing 
Stop wasting time reformatting OCR results - especially when there are columns, tables, or graphics. OmniPage includes superior page-layout algorithms to ensure converted documents are as faithful as possible to the originals. OmniPage Professional 17’s precision maintains the look and flow of your original page format. Whether you’ve got a single-page document or a 1,000-page report, OmniPage Professional 17 handles them with speed and accuracy.
Flowing page output: Enjoy a unique combination of page fidelity and editability that has higher levels of formatting fidelity than competing OCR products. OmniPage keeps columns, tables, lists and graphics in place, while text flows naturally around these objects.
Superior character matching: Font matching, font-consolidation, size, bold, italics, and color-background matching accuracy keep your editing time to a minimum. Matching the individual character attributes ensures your converted documents look as close to the original as possible.
Superior page analysis: Before recomposing the layout, the OCR software must first understand all objects on the page and their relationships to one another. OmniPage Professional 17 improves detection of individual page objects, ensuring tables and spreadsheets, with or without gridlines, are formatted correctly.
Superior speed: Accomplish more in less time. OmniPage Professional 17’s improved hyper-threading speeds through OCR tasks 20% faster than before, making it the fastest, most accurate time-saving way to automatically convert documents into dozens of different formats.
Multi-core parallel processing: Using today’s popular multi-core computer processors, you can be even more productive with a dramatic 46%+ boost in speed and less wasted time.
  • Advanced flowing page output
  • TruePage™ output
  • ExactWord output for improved editing
  • Improved table conversion
  • Better processing of similar pages (layout learning)
  • Color recognition and retention
  • Header and footer maintenance
  • Titles/large-font recognition
  • Legal (pleading) documents
  • Redact (black-out), highlight, and strikethrough
  • Vertical text recognition
  • Recognition of Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters
  • Auto-detection of Asian language characters within Western text
Document Management
  • Free PaperPort 11 included
  • Free PDF Create with PDF Create Assistant
  • Customizable open dialogs with PaperPort 11 folders
  • Customizable save dialogs with PaperPort 11 folders
  • Apply PaperPort 11 folder notes to PDF and Word files
  • Open and view with PaperPort 11
Document Input 
OmniPage Professional 17 is not just a paper-to-digital conversion solution. It also lets you unlock the information trapped in static images and PDF files. OmniPage can convert almost all image formats into editable files for your existing PC applications, including Microsoft Word and Excel. Better still, OmniPage can convert documents from one format to another (e.g. TIF to PDF) and make static image documents searchable on your PC and within content-management applications.
Form recognition and export: OmniPage uses Logical Form Recognition™ technology to process forms. Bring both paper and electronic forms (typically distributed as PDF files in office environments) into OmniPage, recognize them, and edit their content and/or layout. View and produce a fillable form that can be saved in PDF, RTF, HTML or XSN (Microsoft Office InfoPath format).
Digital-to-digital document conversion: OmniPage can now open not only image files, but also documents created in personal productivity applications, such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, .rtf, .wpd, and others.
Text, tables, and graphics: Most people think OCR is simply a way to extract text and spreadsheet data from existing documents. With its advanced page segmentation capabilities, OmniPage is also a powerful way to re-use pictures, clipart, graphics, and charts within documents. Simply zone-over the area you want to extract and OmniPage lets you save the content of that area in a wide range of image formats.
Image format conversion: OmniPage converts static images into documents that can be edited and searched. Support for all popular image formats includes: TIF, JPG, BMP, PCX, GIF, PDF, MAX, and more.
  • Document-to-document conversion (text input)
  • Digital-camera-captured documents (.jpg)
  • Convert paper and image forms
  • PDF or printed forms with data
  • PDF conversion with overlay matching
  • Paper/image file conversion including JPEG and TIFF
  • XPS conversion
Document Output 
OmniPage Professional 17 turns paper or PDF documents into files you can use with your favorite programs. Whether you want to edit a document, create a searchable archive, share information on the Web, or integrate information into other applications, OmniPage lets you make the conversion quickly and accurately.
With WYSIWYG HTML you can turn documents directly into Web pages with just a click of a button. Converted Web pages include graphics and pictures while you maintain the precise look and feel of the original document.

Output Formats
  • Amazon® Kindle®
  • Microsoft® Word (.doc)
  • Microsoft® WordML (.xml)
  • Microsoft® Word 2007 (.docx)
  • Microsoft® Excel (.xls)
  • Microsoft® Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
  • Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx)
  • Text
  • Form data export (.csv)
  • Corel® WordPerfect®
  • Fillable WordML, InfoPath® and PDF forms
  • PDF — image, searchable image, normal and edited
  • PDF append — attach content to existing PDF
  • PDF with digital signatures
  • 128-bit encrypted PDF files
  • Tagged PDF files
  • XPS — image, searchable image and normal
  • HTML
  • XML and open eBook
  • Audio file output
  • Concurrent file saving
Advanced Productivity 
A host of adjustable controls let you to transform documents with speed, formatting, and output styles that are specifically tailored to the way you work.
Improved multiple-document support: Save time by working on multiple documents at once. OmniPage can now open, process, correct, and save multiple documents simultaneously.
Integrated document management tools: OmniPage Professional includes PaperPort, the world’s most popular desktop document management software, and PDF Create software that lets you create a 100% industry-standard PDF file from any application.
Direct connection to PaperPort: OmniPage now automatically links to PaperPort so you can bring color images from PaperPort directly into OmniPage to speed up your workflows.
Digital camera 3DC technology: Use your digital camera to capture text anywhere. Advanced technology automatically corrects for three-dimensional distortion to ensure the best OCR results possible.
Automatic data collection from forms: Electronic forms are easier to distribute, fill, and process than paper forms. But how do you get paper forms into electronic formats? OmniPage incorporates the best of the award-winning OmniForm® so you can quickly turn paper forms into editable electronic PDF, XML, or Microsoft InfoPath forms.
Manual speed zoning: Accelerate the manual zoning process by viewing auto-detect zones and double-clicking to select the one you want.
Concurrent file saving: Archiving and editing now co-exist in a single step. Save to multiple file formats at the same time. For example, save a searchable PDF file to your archive, a Word document for editing, and the original image for verification simultaneously.
Resolution control: Choose a desired resolution for saved images and for images embedded in recognized pages.
Adjustable speed control: Customize recognition performance by selecting the speed and accuracy settings that are optimized for your needs.
OPD files: OmniPage files contain training files, user dictionary, and zone information to make follow-up OCR sessions faster and easier.
Custom converters: Create custom documents according to your business standards. Document output can be tailored with specific attributes so that, with each conversion to a specific program, the document has specific pre-selected properties to work in the target application.
Direct OCR: Perform OCR directly from within your favorite program. Use OmniPage to place fully formatted text within Word, Excel, and many other popular word processing programs - without launching OmniPage.
  • Faster OCR engines
  • Multi-threading
  • Parallel multi-core processing (Intel and AMD supported)
  • Fast launching
  • Parallel multi-document batch processing for quad-core processors
  • Amazon® Kindle® Assistant
  • Customizable "right-click" workflow automation on Windows Explorer
  • Convert Now Wizard with "right-click" in Windows Explorer
  • How-to guides
  • Easy loader
  • Quick convert view
  • Flexible view
  • Dockable and moveable function windows
  • Custom views
  • Open multiple documents at once with parallel processing
  • Improved "single screen" workflow manager
  • File-It Assistant with barcode-driven workflows
  • Automatically redact (black-out), highlight, and strikethrough text using key words and phrases
  • Form drawing and arrangement (e-form creation)
  • Workflow/batch manager — jobs (scheduled workflows)
  • Workflow/batch manager — folder watching
  • Workflow/batch manager — mailbox watching
  • Scanner button (programmable) workflows
  • Integration with SharePoint 2003
  • Integration with SharePoint 2007
  • Integration with Open Text Hummingbird
  • Integration with Autonomy-Interwoven iManage
  • ODMA and FTP integration
  • Direct OCR from applications
  • One-click direct OCR buttons for Microsoft Office
  • Two-page scanning

Proofing and Training 
Proofreading your converted documents ensures the highest accuracy possible. OmniPage Professional 17's proofreader offers increased speed and flexibility to make the proofing process easier, faster, and more intuitive.
Automatic redaction: Keep important information confidential by blacking out sensitive words with automatic redaction. It saves times and money and greatly reduces the chances of errors.
Automatic highlights and strikethroughs: Electronic collaboration is now a breeze. Quickly locate information with applied highlights or communicate an important revision with strikethrough text - just like marking up a paper document with a pen.
IntelliTrain proofing system: OmniPage "learns" your editing style by recording your previous text corrections to generate better OCR results in successive documents. These superior proofing algorithms result in better correction suggestions, improved hyphenation and fewer keystrokes.
Context specific correction: Confirming the accuracy of questionable words is much easier because suspect words are displayed within a wider context of the document's text to facilitate more accurate corrections.
Dynamic verification: OmniPage provides a more dynamic view of the original document's text image - so you don‘t have to second-guess your corrections.
Individual character training: IntelliTrain proofing also allows specific individual characters or symbols to be learned, ensuring better accuracy in subsequent conversions.
RealSpeak™ voice readback: As the world's leading provider of speech technology, Nuance realizes that text-to-speech functionality can greatly enhance productivity. OmniPage Professional 17 benefits from this leadership through audio book publishing.
Audio book publishing: Take documents with you wherever you go with OmniPage's Audio Book Publishing. Paper and electronic documents can now be converted into natural sounding audio files for playback or burning to CD. This .wav file output allows you to convert any document into an audio book.
Create audio documents from paper and digital documents: OmniPage lets you turn scanned paper, PDF files, and even electronic documents into human-sounding audio-documents. Using Nuance RealSpeak®, the world’s best text-to-speech technology, you can listen to documents on your PC, from a CD, or even on digital music devices.
  • Context correction
  • Individual character training
  • Dynamic verification
  • IntelliTrain™ proofing — smart automatic correction
Document Control
  • Manual speed zoning
  • Selectable picture editor
  • Image resolution control
  • On-the-fly zoning
  • Vertical text zoning
  • Network installable
  • Section 508 compliant
  • 123 languages recognized

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